Client Love


“Rachel has the unique gift of being able to bring clarity to my ideas.”

When Rachel and I began working together, I hadn't blogged in over two months due to fear and indecisiveness about which direction to head in. Immediately after our first session I felt a renewed sense of motivation, clarity and confidence in the direction for my blog. I began to realign with my purpose and intention for starting it in the first place.

Rachel has the unique gift of being able to bring clarity to my ideas through asking the right questions and in doing so, enabled me to peel off the layers that were preventing me from moving forward. I am so grateful for her support in helping me to get my blog off the ground. She went above and beyond what I expected.


“Rachel is a solopreneur's fairy godmother.”

Rachel is a solopreneur's fairy godmother. From offering insightful advice on branding and positioning to going the extra mile to introduce me to top-tier influencers, she has gone above and beyond to support the growth of Brevity. 

Above all else, Rachel is genuinely committed to ensuring I stick to my goals - addressing all areas from routines, mindset, self-care to offering accountability. 

If you're looking for both a branding powerhouse along with a dedicated sounding board, I couldn't recommend Rachel more!