Ep28 :: Self Care in the City and the Power of Being True to Yourself, with Michelle Cady


Welcome to episode number 28 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today’s guest is Michelle Cady - a former finance executive turned wellness author and highly sought after integrative nutrition health coach.

Michelle's personal experience of recovering from adrenal fatigue and burnout influences her coaching and focus on nutrition, fitness, and stress management. Michelle's book, Self-Care in the City, brings to life the core principles of her private health coaching practice.


Michelle's writing has been featured in the likes of mindbodygreen, Well+Good, Elite Daily, Women's Health and Thrive Global.

In today’s episode, we're talking all about optimizing your self-care so it works for you and your lifestyle. We dive into some of the simple ways you can start improving your well-being and overall happiness, today!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Michelle left behind her successful career in finance to pursue her passion for health and wellness.

  • The dangers of getting caught in the "stimulant cycle” and the enormous stress this puts on your mind and body when you're rely on artificial stimulants to get you through the day.

  • Redefining your relationship with alcohol to support you showing up as your best self.

  • How to establish healthy boundaries around technology and why it’s so important to commit to regular "tech detoxes" that support your mental health and well-being.

  • Why tech boundaries are critical for empaths to manage their energy and show up to do their best work.

  • How the concept of Rushing Woman’s Syndrome influenced Michelle designing her days so she can show up for her clients as well as honoring her energy as an empath and introvert.

  • The power of JOMO and how making this your new normal can support you showing up as your best in business and life!


Let’s get to the show!

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Michelle's thrilled to share the introductory excerpt from her book, Self-Care in the City with the Dreams for Breakfast community. Her witty, actionable + practical guide has helped thousands of women just like you thrive in the hustle. Her book teaches busy urban go-getters to optimize their wellness, deal with stress and fit in fitness. You're going to love this read! Grab it here.

Michelle's also happy to offer $200 off her health coaching packages for Dreams for Breakfast podcast listeners. Make sure to mention the discount when you sign up for a consultation with Michelle!


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