Ep26 :: Nimisha Gandhi, Break up with Busy and Optimize Your Creativity to Bring More Joy Flow into your Life


In today’s episode, I’m chatting with the wonderful, Nimisha Gandhi, founder of Moon Cycle Nutrition.

Nimisha is a functional medicine nutritionist, Ayurvedic counselor, Yoga Nidra/meditation teacher, and former tech founder.

In Nimisha’s private practice, she specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care with an emphasis on the mind, body, and soul. Nimisha combines functional medicine with ancient Ayurvedic principles to help her clients awaken their untapped healer and empower themselves about their own health journey. 


Her work is research-based, intuitive, and from the soul, using the innate wisdom of changing hormones and cycles of nature to help her clients flow with their body. 

Moon Cycle Nutrition is a conscious evolution practice that draws on deep inner inquiry, food as medicine, meditation, sleep, rituals and movement.


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In this episode we talk about:

  • What prompted Nimisha to ditch the career path of being a doctor that her parents wanted for her, to instead follow her passion for ayurveda and holistic nutrition.

  • The non-linear path she took to following her purpose and the pivots she made along the way.

  • How being out of alignment with her authentic self manifested in her physical body and what led Nimisha back to her true purpose.

  • Nimisha shares the simple daily rituals to support you getting grounded and tuning into your intuition.

  • As well as the daily practices that integrate ancient ayurvedic principles with modern philosophies to help boost your overall well-being.

  • How to optimize your life, creativity and relationships by living in tune with your cycle.

  • And how to create boundaries to manage your energy, creativity and flow.

And so much more!

I can’t wait for you to be inspired by Nimisha’s journey and all of her incredible wisdom for getting in tune with your body and into alignment with your true self.


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