Ep#21 :: Emily Osmond :: How to Nail it on Instagram and the Power of Showing up Purposefully Online


Welcome back to Episode 21 the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.

I did a poll a couple of weeks back on my Instagram Stories asking people if they did too - and almost 99% of people said they did!

So… I know you’re going to love my guest today, the wonderful Emily Osmond - who is spilling all of the goods about Instagram and how we can use to not only build and grow our brand - but also fall in love with it! 

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You might know Emily from her popular interiors blog getinmyhome.com – where she grew her Instagram to 10,000 followers in just over 12 months and was named in Domain’s “Ten of the best interior design accounts you need to follow on Instagram”. 


Inside her online community - The Modern Marketing Collective, Emily mentors women starting and growing their business to develop the clarity and confidence to market themselves with fun and ease.

In today’s episode, Emily shares how to nail it on Instagram and the the power of showing up purposefully online. 

We dive into:

  • How to take a less is more approach with Instagram and still be successful.

  • The simple but game-changing shift that will help you become known in your niche.

  • How to bring more of your authentic self into your online presence.

  • We answer the question: ‘should I have multiple instagram accounts?’

  • The power of focusing on your zone of genius.

  • What prompted Emily to change her entire business model and focus solely on Instagram.

  • Why you should follow your gut even though it’s scary to make tough decisions in your business.

  • The importance of connecting with your purpose and the abundance that flows from being in this place in your business.

  • The mindset shift to transform the way you think about Instagram for your business.

  • The truth about the Instagram algorithm and how to use it to your advantage.

  • How the algorithm works and how to optimize your content so it can be seen my more people.

  • Tips for growing your account organically.

  • The biggest mistake people make on Instagram and how to remedy this right now!

  • Whether you should bother with Instagram paid ads.

  • The 3 things you can start doing today to start seeing success with your account.

Listen to the full episode:


This episode is super juicy and packed with a TON of great tips on building an authentic and engaged Instagram for your brand - I can’t wait to hear your biggest takeaways so make sure you tag me on Instagram and let me know what tips you’ll be implementing!


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