How to find your zone of genius {and ditch FOMO for good} 🦄


A few weeks back, I shared how the book Essentialism has pretty much transformed the way I’m approaching 2018.

This year, I’m focusing on only two things:

1) What I’m truly excited about and makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning; {for me that's working with big-hearted creatives from my amazing home office and spending all day in my yoga pants 😂}; 

2) Things that are aligned with my strengths; A.K.A my zone of genius {scroll to the bottom to find out what these are!}

Looking back, where things started going wrong in my business was because I was spending too much time and energy doing things that I was *good* at, but didn’t naturally excel in.

Why on earth did I think this would be a good idea??!!

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For one, I didn't want to miss out on anything! FOMO is real, people.

Do you ever find you're good at a lot of things, so you end up doing ALL the things?

And two, because as a new business owner, we’re constantly experimenting and trying things to see if they stick, and before we know it, we've fallen into the trap of being the Jill of all trades. 

Unless we take action to fix this, it becomes our new normal.

Not only is this a terrible strategy, it also doesn't serve us, or our long term vision.

I feel this is the trap that many of us fall into, especially when we’re faced with an abundance of what feels like "really good options”.

Have you experienced FOMO when it comes to focusing on ONE thing?!

Today, I'm sharing the simple exercise I used to narrow down my focus.

When you do this, you'll know exactly where to direct your time and energy and focus only in your zone of genius….Trust me this is a game changer.

Ok, so start with grabbing a piece of paper, or your journal (or a blank google doc) and divide it up into 3 columns.

  • In the first column, write down all of the things you really dislike doing and that you suck at. Even if you spent time getting better at these things, you’d still probably never enjoy them.

  • In the second column, write down all of the things you’re *good* at and can really do an ok job of - note that this list is probably going to be quite lengthy, so don’t hold back.

  • In the third column, write down the things you’re really freaking amazing, and exceptional at.

And by this I mean:

  • What skills comes naturally to you, that you don’t even really try hard at?

  • Where do you most often find yourself in creative flow?

  • What do people compliment you most for?

  • What do you find yourself naturally gravitating towards when you don’t have to be somewhere or have a deadline looming?

  • What could you quite happily dedicate all of your time to and fuels you with energy?

These are all signs of your zone of genius.

This column should probably only have 1-2 things on it.


Here’s the thing: within each of us lies our own unique blend of magic. 

The more we dedicate our time and energy to our zone of genius, not only can we be of greater service in the world, we’re also opening ourselves up to our natural state of abundance - which I can tell you feels freaking amazing.

Living in alignment with our hearts’ desires fuels us with energy and purpose, which opens us up to attract MORE of what we desire...

Our goal should be to invest the majority of our energy in our zone of genius and either ditch, outsource or automate everything else.

For me, my zone of genius is in two key areas:

  • Styling and design - this has always come naturally to me and after years of dedication to mastering this skill, I’m now in the privileged position to help other people take their brand styling to the next level!

  • Teaching and coaching - despite being an introvert, I really love helping people, and I know I’m a great communicator. The moment I discovered I could actually turn this into my *job* was a light bulb moment and I knew it was my purpose to make it happen!

What will it look like for you beauty?

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x 

Quit doing things you hate.

Grab my free Workbook: Find Your Zone of Genius so you can get back into your creative flow and natural state of abundance.

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