5 ways to create a super stylish logo on a budget


I have a confession to make: of all of the brands I’ve created and launched to the world, I’ve never invested in an expensive logo - yet all of them have looked premium and super stylish.

I don’t believe having an expensive and elaborate logo equates to success in business.

Thing is, your brand is not just your logo. A brand is a living, breathing entity encompassing your logo yes; but also your website; every blog post, Instagram post, Instagram Story; Facebook update; every email you send; your business cards… 

Your brand is a culmination and endless web of all the daily actions you take to make your mark - both in the online and offline space.

When we talk about the value a brand has, it's the sum of all of it’s parts - and your logo is just one part in the overall equation.

I do agree that having a logo helps to make your brand distinctive and unique - but some of my favorite brands who are killing it, have extremely simple yet stylish logos.

Let’s take a look...



Arguably one of the hottest new media companies right now, led by the super inspiring Sophia Amoruso, has used a simple yet effective type face to bring the GirlBoss brand to life. Simple, stylish and super eye-catching.

Into the Gloss.

Top beauty blog founded by Emily Weiss, who also happens to be the founder of the uber cool beauty brand Glossier, have again used a simple typeface to create the gorgeousness of their logo.

Collective Hub.

Magazine publisher {of my fave mag ever} and all-round female entrepreneurial badass, Lisa Messenger designed the Collective Hub logo with a clever use of two different type faces paired together to create a visually stunning design.


I’m obsessed with the French fashion brand, Sézane and have been slowly building my wardrobe with their stylish pieces. What do I love most about them? Their simple, yet super feminine approach to style. Their logo is a true reflection of their core brand essence: feminine, stylish and super French chic.

Style Runner. 

My go-to destination for active wear is always Style Runner who has the best range of style-driven athleisure - their logo is well-matched being understated, and of course stylish!


I’m a huge fan of Gwyneth and her wellness site Goop and their logo is perfectly simple, yet super eye-catching.

Hot tip: the more you can save by creating your own logo, the more you have to spend on other far more important expenses in your business - like a fabulous website to showcase your offerings; gorgeous business cards to hand out when you’re at events and some super-styling branded photography.

Ok, so here are my top 5 ways to create a super stylish and premium logo without breaking your budget...

1. Creative Market and Etsy

There are so many amazing designers on Creative Market and Etsy who have created pre-made logos that are super easy to customize.

You can find a premium looking design for a fraction of the cost of a custom design. 

Also on Creative Market you’ll find tons of amazing logo template files which are also easy to customize and make your own.

2. Canva

I’m always recommending Canva to my clients - it’s the perfect design solution if you don’t want to master the ropes of Photoshop, yet need a simple DIY option.

There’s a ton you can do with the free option, but there are some awesome advantages with the paid version, including uploading your own fonts which gives you loads more options to create something fab for your brand.

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3. Fiverr

If you’re not feeling enthusiastic to attempt your own design, then I definitely recommend checking out online marketplace, Fiverr.

All of the designers on this platform have ratings and samples of their work, so provided you have an idea of what you’re looking for (showing as many examples as you can helps!), you can easily have a logo created for a super reasonable price.

4. Squarespace - built-in fonts

One of the many reasons I love Squarespace and design all of my websites with it is because if you don’t already have a logo designed you can easily create one in the platform, using the in-built fonts and various styling options to adjust things like the color, spacing and height of your design - so good!

5. Buy a gorgeous font and create it yourself!

If you’re feeling more creative then it’s never been easier to design your own logo. Just doing a search on Creative Market for “fonts” you can find a beautiful and unique font you like and then simply customize it using Photoshop. 

Be sure to check out the designers on Behance who often post their work and create their own custom fonts; and also do a search on Pinterest where you’ll find a ton of font inspiration.

Get creative and the options are endless with what you can create with a simple type face!

Got any other tips for creating a stylish logo on a budget? Let me know in the comments!