Behind the Brand :: Becky Hui Chan, Founder of Honey & Bloom


I used to think being a multi-passionate meant we needed to pick one of our loves and stick to it forever. The very thought of choosing ‘one thing’ is terrifying to me, as being a creative at heart, my true passion lies in birthing ideas and bringing them to life - in whatever form that may be.

Well, my wonderful guest today - Becky Hui Chan, founder of Honey & Bloom, a multi disciplinary design studio; and founder of MIE Jewelry Collection - proves this is not the case at all.

Becky is a kindred spirit and a true creative. When we met over coffee at one of my favorite spots in San Francisco at Le Marais Bakery, I loved learning how she’s intentionally chosen to create her life and work around all of her passions - and that means doing more than one thing! 

I also might add she does all this alongside being a Mama to her two children - um yes, she is an incredible woman!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Becky and for you to learn more about her work and what’s she’s creating in the world…


Introduce yourself, sharing what you do and what you’re creating in the world?

Hi, I’m Becky (Hui Chan), the Founder and Creative Director of Honey & Bloom, a multidisciplinary design studio based in the heart of San Francisco, California.

My passion for design has helped me span and grow my company beyond a graphic design studio. I make art, design jewelry for the modern woman, and create brand experiences that matter.


How did you get started on your current path?

Many moons ago, after graduating from my design program, I pursued a path in editorial design, landing me a position at Wired Magazine. I continued to build my career path by taking on experiences at ReadyMade Magazine and then at SYPartners.

Throughout the years, I have met the most amazing people. After the birth of my first born, I wanted to find a balance between doing what I loved most (design, of course) and being there and present for my son. That was the beginning of Honey & Bloom.

I started out by collaborating on projects with companies and people from the network of friends and old colleagues I’ve met throughout the years.

As I ventured into creating my own line of products, I began to meet more designers and makers that were also trying to form their own small businesses.

Building a strong bond with my clients and the group of like-minded designers/makers + shakers has played a key role in the continued growth of my company. 

As I continue to create compelling brand experiences with my clients through my design studio, I am also growing my line of jewelry, MIE. 


I’ve noticed you’ve transitioned Honey & Bloom into a multi disciplinary design studio - can you share how your business has evolved since you first began? 

My background is in graphic design, but I’ve always dreamed of having my own brand. Honey & Bloom has allowed me to do just that—serving as a studio where I design and produce products as well as consult on branding and design work for clients. 

I’ve always loved bold shapes and forms so I began to translate that vision into creating jewelry.

I’m not a traditional jewelry designer and have learned through classes and from other talented designers, and I continue to learn every day.

I’m very happy to be able to translate my vision through this new medium. I’ve always been drawn to minimal yet bold designs. I love things that have a subtle edge, but make a difference—it’s about making a statement, but not loudly. 


How did you make the leap into full time entrepreneurship? Was it something you’d always wanted to do or knew you were destined for? 

I’ve always wanted to run my own business. Its the best way for me to be able to do everything that I’m passionate about.

I find that I have many passions and I constantly want to learn and try new things. When I first opened my design shop, I designed prints, posters, totes, and stationery.

Overtime, I found myself wanting to push beyond two dimensional boundaries and explore the world of jewelry making and design.

Currently, I’m working on growing the MIE Collection to include more timeless, everlasting pieces that women will want to wear all day, everyday.


I’m obsessed with the modern designs of your pieces! Who is the woman you design for?

The woman I design for enjoys what she does, has motivation, and enjoys life—she cares about style and her appearance but doesn’t overdo it. I know so many inspirational women in my life.

Most of these women are friends, family members, women working hard to build their own brands and businesses. I want to make these women feel special in my jewelry by designing small statements in otherwise classic styles—pieces that work for them every day.

A ‘more is more’ approach can sometimes be appealing when designing, but the final product is refined by a process of elimination.

I eliminate the noise and bring out the one thing that will stand out to people. 

The MIE Collection reflects a foundation of simple forms that almost whisper to you, becoming accents you never want to take off. It’s luxury—redefined for the modern woman.


It seems to be quite natural for creatives to have multiple and varied interests - how do you balance all of the different aspects to your business?

I try to be better at structuring my business, but I’ve found that it works best when I let it grow organically, driven mostly by dialing up and down the different parts of the business based on priority of things.

Time management is very important when you have more than one focus in your business.

Balancing time between my clients and my brand of products can get hard at times, but it all works out in the end.

I carve out time for all the different aspects of my business; it definitely seems like I work all the time, but my brain never stops thinking anyways, so it all falls into place.


How do you fuel your creative juices - what are your favorite ways to get inspired?

I make things, prototype, sketch, write, look at magazines, take photos, take strolls, jot down all ideas...even crazy ones.

Hands-down the most inspiring thing to do is travel—I always seem to have the best ideas when I’m traveling, near and far.

How do you find living and working in San Francisco given the great history it’s had of supporting artists and now it slowly being taking over by tech? What do you think the future of the city looks like for artists and creatives?

I grew up here and its hard to leave such a beautiful city filled with so much culture and creativity. I think that many artists, creatives, small businesses, and agencies continue to grow even with many tech companies emerging in the city.

I think the future is bright for San Francisco and its artists and creatives. Art never dies, it just gets richer. Design is essential, we cannot be without it.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Do what you love. Don’t give up.

Which fellow lady boss you most admire / look up to?

Many. Running your own business is hard work. There are many lady bosses I admire, especially the ones that keep pushing and don’t settle; they teach others and open up about their successes and failures.

What’s the big dream you’re secretly {or not so secretly} most excited about making happen?

Building a brand I can grow old with.

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