Ep#16 :: Elaine Hayes, founder and owner MNTStudio :: the power of possibility and pursuing the path that brings us joy


It’s not often you cross paths with a boss lady who’s super smart, big-hearted and who cares so deeply about her team and the well-being of her entire community.

So today, I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to someone who has been a huge inspiration to me since moving to San Francisco and who I’m super grateful to call a friend - Elaine Hayes, founder and owner of MNTSTUDIO.


MNT is a wellness brand and Pilates & Barre studio in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2013, MNT is the go-to for effective, safe, and upbeat Pilates and Barre classes.

Rooted in the classical principles of alignment and precision, MNT classes incorporate contemporary techniques to allow for a challenging yet approachable and enjoyable fitness experience.


Rooted in community with a holistic approach to wellness, MNT focuses on addressing the whole person through nutrition counseling and community-building events.


Elaine's mission through MNT is to empower each and every individual to transform their lives for the better through movement, self-care, and community.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The pivotal career move that changed her entire path.

  • The importance of choosing a career that energizes you and brings you joy over one that looks good on paper, but completely drains you of energy.

  • The humble beginnings of MNTSTUDIO and the less than glam realities of running your own business.

  • Overcoming self-doubt on the path to living in alignment with your truth.

  • How Elaine dealt with the challenges and overcame the obstacles that allowed her to expand MNTSTUDIO and reach the next level of growth.

  • The practicalities of building a purpose-fueled brand from the inside, out and why about cultivating a thriving community is at the heart of everything.

  • The process of completely overhauling the MNT brand and re-imagining the Studio space and how this helped fuel into the next phase of growth for the entire business.

It was such a joy to record this interview with Elaine and I can’t wait for you to get inspired by her incredible story and what is possible when we fuel ourselves with self-belief and pursue the path that brings us joy.


Listen to the full episode: