7 Ways to get visible in your business and build your brand influence


In last week’s post I shared how you can get over the fear of self-promotion and share your work in a completely authentic and non-icky way - so we can get visible in our business and start attracting our dream clients!

Today, I’m taking this one step further and want to share with you some practical ways we can start getting visible in our business so we can build our brand influence.

First up, why is this is important? 

There's a few reasons:

Be an expert and thought leader in your niche.

When you consistently show up and share valuable knowledge, insights and solutions you begin to cultivate an expert profile in your niche.

People start to position you in their minds as being someone who offers considerable and valuable solutions in particular area of expertise.

This is important because as soon as people start positioning you in their minds as being an expert, opportunities will begin to flow and you will naturally begin to attract people who come to you to help solve their specific need.

Allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

In addition to being seen as a thought leader and building your expert profile, by simply sharing this valuable information, you’re actively demonstrating your subject matter expertise which helps to build trust with your tribe, giving them confidence you know what you’re talking about!

Provides opportunities to align with influencers in your niche.

Once you start to build your expert profile and are being seen as a thought leader in your niche, you’re then able to start creating opportunities for collaborating with influencers in your niche.

By getting visible and aligning yourself with other influencers in your niche, you naturally begin to strengthen your brand and everything you stand for.

Grow your audience and your influence.

The most obvious reason why getting visible in your business is so important is because it helps to grow your audience and your influence which is key to growing a profitable and sustainable business!

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Ok, let’s dive into the practical ways you can begin to get visible and increase your brand influence.

1. Speak at events.

I’m not suggesting you need to start out by being a keynote speaker at a big conference - start small! Seek out local events in your area and see if there are opportunities for you to be a guest speaker or participate in a panel.

Not only will these kind of events allow you a platform to share your message and demonstrate your expertise, they will allow you to connect with an engaged audience who will begin to know, like and trust you as being someone who can help solve X, Y & Z.

As your brand influence grows, there will come a point where it makes sense for you to seek out opportunities that offer you a larger audience and allows to create an even impact with your work.

The key is to start small; build your confidence; grow your influence and then keep expand from there.

2. Host your own event / workshop.

There is no reason why you need to wait for an opportunity to speak and someone else’s event - it is super accessible to host your own event or workshop with platforms like Eventbrite helping to make the whole process seamless.

Live events and workshop offer unparalleled opportunity to build real relationships with your tribe as you get to meet people in person and let them know you on a far more intimate level than online will ever provide.

The most important thing to do when organizing your own event is finding the right venue - look up places like Breather and PeerSpace which allow you to book spaces for as little as $45 an hour.

Or, you might look to partner with local yoga studios, fitness clubs or boutiques that complement your business and would attract an audience that aligns well with your business.

You want to have a space that’s reflective of your brand values and offers your guests a comfortable and memorable experience.

3. Instagram / Facebook Lives.

Not only is there zero barrier to entry to get in front of your audience for doing a Live broadcast, this is a great way to interact in real time with your tribe, giving them an opportunity to have a conversation with you and know that you’re a real person!

I know this can be super intimidating in the beginning {which is one of the reasons I challenged myself to do them on Instagram!}, but I promise they get easier with practice.

Doing these regular live broadcasts gives you a platform to share your knowledge and expertise with your tribe and not helps them build trust in you, but also demonstrating the value you can offer them as potential clients.


4. Record videos on YouTube / your Blog.

Video offers a far more intimate experience that photos and pictures can ever provide. Doing this regularly is a great way to offer your tribe significant value and build relationships with them in a relatively short amount of time.

The added bonus of uploading your videos on YouTube allows you to grow your audience by strategically using keywords and phrases that people will be searching on.

Don't forget, YouTube is owned by Google so the search engine presents a massive opportunity not to be underestimated!

5. Pitch for features and interviews.

Start looking for opportunities with podcasts and publications where there is a direct synergy with your brand and pitch yourself out to be an interview guest or write an article feature.

With the number of podcasts around these days, so many of them are looking for high quality guests to feature. Rather than waiting for them to approach you, be proactive about it and pitch yourself as a potential guest.

Same goes for blog interviews and features - they are always looking for amazing people to be featured! So I recommend doing some research and start thinking about which publications offer the best opportunities for you to connect with your dream clients and then send them your pitch!

6. Collaborate + Coffee dates!

Collaborating with likeminded people in your niche is essential for both your sanity (!!) and helping to build your brand influence.

It is super important that you’re intentional about the relationships and partnerships you build - they must align with your audience for them to create value and to be a mutually beneficial partnership for both parties involved.

I recommend spending some time researching on Instagram and compiling short-list of people that you vibe with and who you think you could be friends with in real life.

Then start reaching out to them and asking them on a coffee date (if they are in your area) or a Skype date where you can get to know each other!

Most important thing in the initial stages is to build relationships first, and then if it feels good - then start brainstorming ideas on how you can collaborate with each other!

7. Guest post on blogs / publications.

There are so many online blogs and publications these days that rely on content from  contributors for them to exist.

Start doing some research and find out which publications offer the best opportunities for you to connect with your dream clients.

You’ll probably find that most of these opportunities aren’t paid - especially if you’re just starting out. However the value at this stage is more about the opportunity to grow your brand influence so when you think of it in those terms it can completely shift your perspective on it.

I recommend doing at least 3 of these brand building activities at any given time as they will all work together to support you getting visible and growing your influence - and helping to fuel the growth of your business!

I’d love to know - which of these activities are you excited to try to support your business?

Let me know in the comments!

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