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Living in alignment with our purpose is meant to be FUN. And this is exactly how I felt when I was designing the brand new website for my amazing client, Christine A.K.A The Brow Therapist at Studio749Brows.

The minute Christine described her boutique brow studio to me and how she had decorated it, inspired by the gorgeous homes featured on The Glitter Guide and The EveryGirl, I immediately understood how this would translate into her online home.

I honestly had so much fun bringing this to life and the icing on the cake was when Christine let me know one of her clients made the comment: "your website is gorgeous, it is YOU"

Today, I am super excited to be taking you on a tour of Christine’s gorgeous studio and finding out more about her business journey; what made her decide to open her home-based studio and the inspiration behind her beautiful space!

Thank you Christine!


Tell us about you, your business and how Studio749Brows began?

After I had my first facial I thought 'I need to change careers'! I had been working as a store manager for a retail company for quite sometime and it didn’t take me long to decide to go back to school to get my esthetician license.

I was actually going to apply for a position in Nordstrom at their spa, and instead got hired at Anastasia Beverly Hills counter.

I built a great clientele, and many were very close to my town.

My clients were the ones who asked if I’d consider doing their brows at my house, 'it would be so much easier than driving to the mall'.

So, I first started in my kitchen on a massage bed, then I took over a room downstairs, and as my customer base kept building at my home I knew I had to expand even further.

My husband came home from work one day and I said, 'I’m giving my 2 weeks notice at Nordstrom, remodeling downstairs and starting a full-time business!'   


How did you come up with the idea of creating such a beautiful home studio?

I knew I wanted something inviting to clients and comfortable. I wanted my clients to know the space was for them, that they were coming into STUDIO749BROWS not my house.


Your clients must loving coming to your gorgeous and unique space! Where did you find inspiration for the design of your Studio?

So many clients say how much they love the look of my space. And many have asked the same question. Instagram was a big source of inspiration. 


You’ve created such a beautiful vibe in your studio and no detail has been spared. What are your favorite tips for decorating and cultivating such a beautiful space? 

I think a great tip for me was to keep it simple. I didn’t want anything ornate but I did want a touch of sparkle. I love the softness of blush and pink in the waiting area. 


What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to create their own studio in their home?

First you need to have a place that is separate from your families living area. I have a separate entrance for my clients that leads right into the waiting area.

I think its very important for your home business to be very separate. You want your clients to feel welcome and not feel like they are intruding. 


You’ve just launched your new website - congratulations! What will having this new online platform allow you to take your business? What’s coming up next for you?

I am so excited to finally have a website. This was definitely a goal I wanted to accomplish this year. I really want my clients to see my business and me professionally. I

would really love to start brow training classes for beginning estheticians.

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