The ultimate guide to creating a killer content strategy for your brand


In today’s post I’m breaking down step-by step process on how to create a content strategy and build an editorial plan that can be used for your blog, website and social media.

The big tip with this entire process is that you can apply these principles to all of your channels; or just the one!

First up, let’s talk about why it is so important to create a content strategy for your brand.

When you purposefully position your brand with content, you allow your brand voice to shine through, authentically.

For you to stand out and cut through the noise, being able to differentiate yourself online is essential and this comes down to branding.

Content is branding.

The big shift.

The big shift that has taken place in recent years is brands today need think and act like publishers.

Back in the day, brands only used to communicate with their audiences by one-way communication channels such as broadcast radio, television and print.

Times have changed and while it’s never been easier to start a brand and a business online, to be successful means being intentional about the content you craft and share on a daily basis.

Let's break it down.

Creating a content strategy doesn’t need to be complicated at all and in this post, I will break down the exact process you can apply to your business.

People I speak to about this topic say their biggest stumbling block is knowing the right kind of content to post.

Great content  = knowing your goals & who your dream clients are.

Thing is, once you nail down who you are creating content for and what your overall goals are, everything becomes infinitely easier.

After these two steps have been established, it all comes down to setting up a system and process for you to create regular content and then execute on your plan!

Let's dive in!

1. Create your content goals.

Ok, so first up the most important thing you need to decide when you’re creating content is what your goals are.

What is the main outcome you want people who interact with your content do to?

This could be to:

  1. Drive traffic your website and your blog.

  2. Increase sign ups for your newsletter.

  3. Download your eBook.

  4. Get people to engage with your content and learn more about you!

It’s likely that it’s a mix of all of these things, which is perfect! Having a clear purpose around why you are creating your content is going to support you creating meaningful, valuable, relevant and timely information to your audience.

While ultimately the overall goal is to drive sales for your business; it’s important to consider the journey your customers will be on to making a purchase decision {referred to as the sales funnel}; and that perhaps the next step in the process - if they find you on your social media - won’t be to buy from you straight away, especially if you have a product or service at a high price point.I

Instead, think in terms of “what is the next step I want my dream clients to take?” in the overall sales funnel.


2. Define who you are talking to - who are your dream clients?

Defining who you are talking to is essential, so you’re able to best connect with your dream clients in a way that speaks to their hopes, fears and concerns and demonstrating that you are the one who can offer them a solution.

Just asking some simple questions will help you create a persona of who your dream client is:

  • Who are they?

  • Where are they located?

  • What is their struggle?

  • What is their vision?

  • How can you help them?

  • What have they tried in the past before that hasn’t worked?

  • If they had 3 wishes right now - what would they be?

Create a persona for your dream client that describes their situation right now and what it is they would be so excited to have a solution for; then give this person a name!

The key is to craft your messaging in a way that meets your dream client’s vision AND solves their problem.

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3. Craft your brand story - what is unique about your business?

Human to human connections are the heart and soul of business.

While there are thousands of other coaches, therapists, personal trainers and designers - none of them are YOU!

You have a unique story that is unlike anyone else and sharing this authentically with your dream clients is the way you will build a tribe of people who resonate with you that will ultimately allow you to cultivate beautiful relationships with them.

Your brand story, combined with your gifts and how you show up and authentically share this with your tribe is your unique blend of magic and what will set you apart from anyone else.

Uncover your Brand Story by asking:

  • What inspired you to start your business?

  • What led you to where you are today?

  • Was there an ‘aha’ moment you knew this is what you were meant to be doing?

  • What challenges have you faced along the way?

  • What do you think is normal that everyone else considers to be weird?

  • What do you believe in above all else?

  • Why do you do what you do?

4. Determine the best content - create categories or buckets for your content.

Begin brainstorming a list of categories for things you want to share with your audience and importantly - what will resonate with them?

This could include things like:

  • Quotes.

  • Blog posts.

  • Tools and tips.

  • Questions.

  • Personal posts.

  • Behind the scenes.

  • Themed posts e.g Workout Wednesday, Throwback Thursday

  • Promotion of your products / services

Once you have compiled your list, you will have identified the key categories of things you will be posting on your social media.

If you’re not sure what types of content your audience will like and be excited about, go back and re-visit Part Two.

5. Create your content schedule.

This is the last piece of the puzzle and the most important.

Once you know what kind of content you will create, you need to establish the plan and process for creating it. A content schedule should organize the way you curate and create content, and help develop your editorial strategy.

It is super important to create a content schedule so you know in advance what you are posting and when you’re posting it.

Being successful is not about how often you are posting, but being consistent with when you do.

Having a schedule will ensure your brand consistently publishes high-quality, well-written, high-performing content pieces.

Creating a schedule that works for you will help you stay on top of everything and not let it consume you and become overwhelming.

Make sure to build in flexibility though – being responsive towards news and trends is critical.

Without proper planning it can become crazy stressful!

Here is how to create a schedule:

  1.   Work out the days, times and frequency you want to post.

  2.   Work out what type of content you will post at each time eg.quote, blog post etc.

  3.   Plot out each piece of content on your planner.

  4.   Schedule your posts.

That's it!

6. Measure & refine.

Creating a content strategy for your brand is not a set and forget process - success and results all comes down to staying on top of your analytics and understanding your metrics!

After launching your content marketing strategy, you can’t just sit back and watch. You need to study the numbers and gather results.

Using the right tools, you can uncover useful insights about who’s reading your content, who’s sharing it and whether it’s resonating with the right people.

Look at what is working and focus on creating more of that.

Investigate what hasn’t been going so well and see what tweaks you can make to optimize your efforts for long-term success.

Rinse and repeat!

Let me know in the comments - how do you organize and schedule your content?