How to create a killer brand impression {that people can’t help but pay attention} ✨


I’m just coming off the back of a crazy few weeks with a whirlwind 10 day trip back home to Australia to renew my visa {yep, I’m in the US for another two years}; and arrived back to San Francisco in time to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary.

To mark the occasion, we road tripped down to the Big Sur and stayed at Post Ranch, an utterly incredible spot overlooking the ocean - it was absolute bliss and the whole weekend completely blew our mind.

What struck me throughout the entire weekend was the impeccable execution of how they took care of their guests - from the moment we arrived {we were greeted with a glass of champagne while someone whisked our bags away to our room and then parked our car for us!}; during our stay and then right up until we left - it was a completely cohesive, magical and unforgettable experience.

It got me thinking… I’m now going to be telling everyone I know about this place and raving about our stay, which for them, is an incredibly powerful form of marketing.

Upon doing some further investigation {can’t help myself!} I discovered they don’t even have a social media presence at all - shocking right?!

Well, not really.

Here’s the thing: for them, the experience they give each of their guests is their marketing strategy.

Through each of the touch points with their guests - champagne on arrival; parking your car; the fully stocked and complimentary mini-bar {refilled on request}; ambient music playing in your room; lit fireplace on arrival etc… they are cultivating an exceptional brand experience that people won’t be able to stop talking about.

Why? Because it's completely authentic and far more powerful than any Instagram or Facebook post could create.

Consider this:: how are you cultivating an unforgettable and completely cohesive experience at every single touchpoint you have with your dream clients?

Your brand = what people say about you when you’re not in the room.


This includes everything from:


  • Your website.

  • The photography, fonts, colors and images you use - across your social media, but also at every other brand touch points including your website.

  • Your newsletter sign up process {how easy do you make it for people to sign up to your newsletter?}

  • Your welcome email.

  • Your Thank You message that pops up after someone subscribes.

  • The guest posts you write on other people’s blogs.

  • The comments you leave on people’s social media and blog posts.

  • How you respond to emails.


  • Your business cards.

  • What you wear to events / conferences / meetings (yep, YOU are your brand!).

  • The pitch you give to new people you meet, telling them about your biz and what you do.

  • Workbooks you give out at workshops / events you hold.

  • Any physical presence of your brand - pop-up shop / retail store / staff you hire for your team.

  • All of your collaborations and partnerships (these may be online or offline)

  • How you package your products {if you sell physical products}

  • Your return / refund process.

So, what contributes to a poor brand experience?

Basically anything that leaves your customers feeling that your brand has not lived up to the expectations  you promised them.

Imagine booking in for a luxe afternoon of pampering at a super expensive beauty salon you've treated yourself to and then arriving at the salon to be greeted by a rude receptionist who got your name wrong and kept asking you to repeat what it was that you booked in for.

The whole experience would leave a really bad taste in your mouth....

Your goal is to wow your clients and customers at every touch point they have with you and your brand, so they become your number one fans and tell their friends about the amazing experience they had with you.

Despite the high-tech world we're living in and the ubiquitous force of social media, word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing there is.

Even simple things like broken links on your website; inconsistent messaging and the visuals you share on social media, are all touch points helping to build an overall impression of your brand.

Consistency and cohesiveness are key when it comes to creating a killer impression for your brand.

Now it’s over to you! Share in the comments below: what are 3 things you can do today to help improve your brand experience and help create a killer first impression?

Get this right and you'll create a powerful and purpose-fueled brand people can’t help but to take notice of.

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