Ep#14 :: Erica Carrico :: how to find your dream career aligned with your purpose in the world


Welcome to episode number 14 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today I’m chatting with Career Shifter and Life Purpose Coach, Erica Carrico. I have to say, I’m particularly excited about sharing this conversation with you…

Erica is on a mission to guide awakening souls out of meaningless careers and into a career or business of their dreams… One that unveils their true purpose and allows them to earn a living doing what they absolutely love.

Erica and I serendipitously crossed paths a year ago through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, right before Erica was about to launch her brand new coaching business and I was lucky enough to have the amazing job of designing her beautiful new website.

Fast forward a year later and Erica’s coaching business is going from strength to strength - and I could not be more honored to be chatting with her in today’s episode where we’re talking all about how to create alignment with your passions and purpose to find a dream career you truly love.

If you're in a career right now that doesn't feel good to you and you know you're destined for more, I know you're going to love this juicy conversation. 

Let’s get to the show!

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