3 Ways to Quieten your Inner Critic


We all have it. That pesky little voice inside our head that interjects at the times we are on the verge of something incredibly exciting - 

“who are you to create that... everyone will laugh at you and think you’re completely crazy?!” 

“why on earth would you think that is a good idea??!"

I’m betting you’ve also been letting this voice - AKA your inner critic - run the show for far too long.

We put ourselves under so much pressure battling with our inner critic because we internalize everything.

Our brains are constantly working on overdrive - processing, ruminating and deliberating over even the smallest of decisions.

You know the story. You have an amazing idea and you know you’ve got the goods to make it happen. But just as quickly as that bolt of inspiration strikes, your inner critic launches into a compelling argument as to why it absolutely won’t work and why you need to ditch the idea stat.

And so it goes…You’ve talked yourself out of your idea and don’t move forward. 

You’re still here. Dreaming about that life you’ve been so desperate to create, but find yourself stuck in the hamster wheel going round and around, failing to move forward.

Here’s the thing - as humans, our brains are hardwired to warn us when we are in danger. Humans haven’t evolved much from our caveman days when this “feature" was extremely useful to warn us when a lion was approaching or any other situation where our safety was threatened.

These days, we’re privileged to be living in far more civilized times, which means it is essential for our future success to master the art of being able to determine when that little voice actually has merit and when we need to press on, regardless.

Today, I’m sharing 3 simple strategies to help quieten your inner critic and allow you to get out of your head and back into alignment with your biggest desires - so you can finally get off that hamster wheel once and for all.

Raise your awareness.

When we start paying very close attention to this negative voice in our head, we can begin to connect the dots and actually label this as being our ‘inner critic’ or any other name you want to use to identify it with (inner mean girl is another good one!)

Try this: give your inner critic a name and label her so that when she comes out to rain on your parade, you can clearly identify her voice and call B.S, recognizing this little voice is not really a reflection of your highest self at all.

Once you’ve labeled it and called it out, you’ve suddenly put yourself back in the drivers seat and can clearly see this pesky, opinionated voice doesn't have anything over you at all!

Acknowledge it.

By simply acknowledging our inner critic when she shows up we automatically place ourselves in a position of power by refusing to buy into her drama and unhelpful advice.

Try this next time that voice pipes in: acknowledge it and simply say ‘thank you for your opinion and your advice, but I am choosing to ignore you and carry on regardless”. 

The more aligned we are with our deepest desires, the more confident we become in acknowledging this voice and choosing not to take it’s opinion on board. 

Make it your priority to strengthen your vision so you are super clear on exactly what it is that you want to create and achieve. Spend some time in your own thoughts - journalling, mediating, taking long baths, or simply spending time in nature to get clear on exactly what success looks like to you.

Return to the present.

We often spend time playing out scenarios in our mind and future-tripping on what might be if we take certain paths of action, but we actually achieve nothing when we do this and end up feeling exhausted after constantly going over the same things in our minds, over and over again.

Try this: Bring your attention back to this very moment. Focus on your breath and connect with your inner most self. Place your hand on your belly and notice the air flowing in and out of your nostrils. Feel your belly rising and falling with each in-breath and out-breath you take. Sit with this for the next few minutes. Each time your mind wanders, return to your breath.

By simply tuning in to the present we have the power to essentially retrain our mind to connect with our highest self - the self that is guiding us to the very best decisions that we need to make about choices, decisions and things that are truly meant for us.

Through this clarity we open ourselves up to connecting with our authentic self - the self that knows exactly what is best for us and through this we can make confident decisions and take action accordingly.

Learning to quieten our inner critic is a skill that needs mastering. Will that voice ever disappear entirely? The answer is no. But through this self-mastery we can begin to quit letting this voice limit us in taking action towards those dreams and big ideas that we want to turn into reality.

I’d love to know your thoughts - does your inner critic stop you from achieving the things you want most? How would your life be different if you stopped letting your inner critic get in the way?