Ep#9 :: Susie Moore, How to Take Your Side Hustle Idea From Dream to Reality


Welcome to episode #9 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today, I’m excited to be chatting with Susie Moore, author of the brand new book, What if it Does Work Out - How a Side Hustle Can change your Life and creator of the online program, Side Hustle Made Simple.

Formerly a Sales Director at a Fortune 500 company, Susie is a business coach to CEOs and founders and an advisor to tech start ups in New York City and Silicon Valley.

She has been featured on the Today show, Forbes, Business Insider, Marie Claire, Time, Inc, Family Circle and many more.

In this episode Susie shares her story of how she was able to generate enough income through her side hustle that enabled her to leave her well-paying sales job and do something she truly loves.


We talk about why now more than ever, there has never been a better time to begin a side hustle and how it can transform your life for the better.

Susie shares her framework for how you can work out if your side hustle is actually a good idea or just an expensive hobby; along with the realities of juggling your side hustle alongside your full time job.

We talk about how to get your side hustle off the ground and clever non-cringeworthy ways to self-promote and get your business out there.

Let’s get to the show!

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