5 Ways to Boost Your Focus & Supercharge Your Productivity


It’s 8:55am on Saturday morning and you’ve intentionally dedicated this time to powering through the zillion things on your to-do list and you need to make the most of this small window of time you have...

While you’re drinking your morning coffee, you think to yourself -

‘Oh, I’m just going to log into Facebook to see how my last post went...’

You login and check your stats, but quicker than you can say “OMG Kim Kardashian is pregnant!”' - a post from your favorite blogger caught your eye and you had to check it out...

Fast forward 30 minutes later you still haven’t started on your to-do list and begin feeling overwhelmed because you’ve just seen a whole bunch of posts that your entrepreneur pals have already done this morning and you know you’re so behind!

Well, hello. Welcome.

You’ve just been sucked into the digital time vortex: AKA productivity killer of the 21st Century.

I know, I can hear you saying it now - you need to keep your pulse on what’s happening and because social media is where you find out super valuable information that can actually HELP you!!

I hear you.

BUT, and this is a big but… I want you to think about if this constant checking is actually helping you or hindering you from achieving your goals.

If you can truthfully say you think this *may* be in fact hindering your success; read on - this post is for you.

In our age of the digital ‘always on’ revolution we are constantly surrounded by notifications, sounds and enticing apps and social media sites (um hello, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) that we find it hard to resist the urge from checking in on as we have a big fear of missing out of something we might {read: can’t live without} need to know.

As we edge closer to the end of the year with just 21 days left in 2017, I’ve no doubt your to-do list is getting longer by the minute with holiday preparations mounting; as well as those last few projects you want to squeeze in before we officially head into 2018 (can you believe it, 2018?!)

So today I wanted to share with you 5 simple ways to boost your focus - all of which have dramatically helped me get more done each day, skyrocketing my productivity. These healthy habits will support you supercharging your creativity and productivity, ensuring you stay focused and on your game rocking your biggest goals!

Since I started practicing these habits I've gradually improved my ability to focus and hold my concentration and I’ve been able to achieve more in a day than I sometimes would in a week!

Let’s dive in!


1. Set Your Daily Intentions.

Each morning before I even start the day, I spend a few minutes writing down my intention and what I want to focus on that day. Whether it’s a certain mindset; a feeling; or even just a word to inspire you and keep you motivated for the day; setting an intention is super helpful in guiding the day ahead and where your energy should be focused.

Where intention goes, energy flows.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.

  • I am calm and focused with complete clarity on my dreams that I work towards with ease. {Click to tweet it!}

  • I look at every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. {Click to Tweet it!}

Write your intention down on your Daily Goals Planner or on a post-it note and stick it above your computer where you can see it during the day to keep you feeling inspired and motivated to do your thing!

2. Raise Your Awareness.

Boosting our focus essentially begins with becoming more mindful and paying attention to where our energy is going. This starts with raising our consciousness to what is happening the present moment.

We are so often on auto-pilot during the day with various little habits that disrupt our flow and distract us from what we need to be focusing on. Checking our phones and scrolling mindlessly is one example of this - sometimes we don’t even notice we’re doing it - it’s just a habit!

Breaking these habits begins with raising our awareness and then noticing where we get tripped up.

The best way I’ve found is to keep a record of all the things that distract you during the day - whether it be your emails, checking your phone or logging on to Facebook to have a ‘quick look’. 

Then work out what some strategies could be to help mitigate them.

For example, during the day I turn my phone on airplane mode so I’m not tempted to check it. When I’m in focus mode, I close down all the tabs I don’t need open in my browser and only leave open the one or two tabs I need to finish my work.

The better we get at identifying these distractions and become aware of them, the better we’re able to set our environment up in a way that supports us from minimizing these pesky distractions.

3. Focus on your top 3 daily priorities.

Next up is to prioritize what you need to get done, by focusing only on your top three priorities for the day.

Before you go on and tell me how big your to-do list is and how impossible it is for you to be able to prioritize this down to three things I want to share with you this:

There are always going to be more things you want/need to get done that you physically are able to fit into a day or even a week or a month.

So give yourself permission right now to let yourself off the hook and be quit being burdened with this notion that you need to ‘get everything done’.

You don’t.

By committing to focusing on our top priorities we actually get a lot more done. This is the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle whereby focusing our energy on the 20% of tasks that will yield the most significant results.

Any more than three daily priorities and you’re likely to start feeling overwhelmed by what you need to get done (especially while you’re side-hustling!). Keep your to-do list small and watch your productivity and results skyrocket.

Here’s how this practice could play out for you...

Think about what your overall goal is for the year - the one big thing that you really want to achieve more than anything else.

For example, it might be to sign on 5 new clients every month; or generate X amount of sales in your side hustle or business.

Your job is to then define what activities you need to be doing that are going to help you achieve this big goal (this may be a long an exhaustive list!).

Then pick 3 of these activities you are going to focus on for TODAY only and write them down.

Here’s the thing: when we know what our overall priorities are it makes it a hell of a lot easier to know what we should be working on and what we need to ditch.

The biggest distraction and where we get tripped up is losing sight of what our main priority is and end up doing ‘busy work’ that’s not actually helping us achieve what we set out to.

See freaking good it feels to cross those three things off your list?! If you fly through your top three, then simply rinse and repeat. Easy!

4. Focus On One Thing At A Time.

Ok, so now you have your list of things you need to get done.

Next, I want you to pick one thing off your list you want to complete and commit to only focusing on completing this single task until it is done.

That means no checking Facebook; no starting another task and no reading a blog post while you’re doing it!

Despite what you may think, multi-tasking does not help us get more done. In fact, it only slows us down.

Research from Stanford University has confirmed that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory or switch from one job to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time.

"When are in situations where there are multiple sources of information coming from the external world or emerging out of memory, they're not able to filter out what's not relevant to their current goal," said Wagner, an associate professor of psychology. "That failure to filter means they're slowed down by that irrelevant information."

So start now, by close down all of the tabs in your browser.

If you need to, use Self Control app to block certain sites from being accessed.

Or better yet - switch off your wifi so that you’re not tempted to even jump on the internet for a ‘quick look.'

Focusing on one task at a time helps us sustain our concentration, which makes us way more productive and ultimately means we reach our goals a whole lot faster.

5. Set Yourself a Timer.

Discovering the Pomordoro technique has literally changed my life.

I used to break my day up into hour-long blocks, but to be perfectly honest, I was increasingly finding this challenging because I kept getting distracted and found it hard to concentrate for that long.

I’d read about Pomordoro technique before but never fully got into it, but I’d a few people raving about it with huge success, so I decided to give it a shot.

How it works:

It’s simplicity is my favorite thing about using the Pomordoro method.

You literally set a timer for 25 minutes and commit to fully working on the task at hand for that period. At the end of the 25 minutes you can take a short break, before starting the next 25 minute session.

There is also a dedicated Pomodoro app which is awesome because you can set a goal for how many ‘Pomordoro’s’ you want to achieve in a day. I’ve found this to be super helpful in boosting productivity.

If you have trouble focusing for long periods, the Pomodoro technique is the perfect thing to try because it’s a short enough period for you not to want to give into your distractions, but long enough for you to actually achieve a significant amount of work.

There you have it, 5 {super simple} ways to boost your focus to support you being super productive and rocking your biggest goals!

Now over to you, I’d love to know - what are some of the biggest things that trip you up and stop you from being productive with your time?

Which of these habits do you think could help you the most?

And if you’ve got a brilliant productivity hack, I’d love you to share what has worked well for you!

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x

Best SelfRachel Gadiel