Ep#7 :: 5 Simple Steps to Overcoming Fear & Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Reinvent Your Life

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Welcome to episode number 7 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast!

Today’s show is going to be slightly different because there is no guest interview today - it is just me!

I have to be honest - doing this is going well and truly out of my comfort zone, so bear with me…

And that brings me to the topic for today’s show - How to push yourself out of your zone of comfort to reinvent your life.

The truth is that if you really want to create change in your life; up level your success and create a new way of being for yourself - you need to start doing things differently…

Any by differently, I mean getting well and truly uncomfortable ….

You see - while living in our zone of comfort is very comfortable, nothing ever grows from there. We simply remain exactly where we are.

There are two types of people in the world - the people who are just happy with following the same path that has been laid out before them and never breaking out to follow their true calling and purpose in the world; and then there are the people who are committed to growth, change and designing a life that is in complete alignment with their purpose.

For some people staying where they are is completely ok with them. They don’t really have big dreams or they don’t really want to commit to the change necessary to make their dreams happen.

They are happy doing the same things day in, day out without ever making the choice they want to upgrade their life…

The problem with this way of life is you never find out what you’re truly capable of and you never grow - you remain stuck.

If we want to create a new way of life - we must embrace a new way of being.

And getting uncomfortable is the first step.

Let’s be honest - any kind of change where we need to level up is most likely met with some kind of resistance - resistance to change; resistance to doing things differently and above all - resistance to stepping into a new version of yourself.

So today I'm sharing 5 simple ways that you can make this change a little less overwhelming and also make it fun!!


1. Get clear on your vision.

  • What is it you truly want?

  • What is the vision you have for your life?

  • What are the steps you need to get you there?

  • Create a roadmap and literally write down the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be.

2. Start small.

There is no point getting so overwhelmed with trying to make massive leaps and then never getting started in the first place.

Instead, think of some smaller steps that are still wildly different but will help you to build up your confidence and create momentum so you can then start making those bigger leaps!

3. Treat everything as an experiment and a learning opportunity.

Reframe everything you do with: what can I learn from this? What can I do differently/better next time? What are my opportunities for growth here? Does this feel good to me?

4. Track your progress.

Keep a journal and record every action, every win and every time you up-level your success. You’ll be amazed when you look back and see exactly how far you’ve come!

5. Celebrate your wins!

This is so important and we don’t do this nearly enough as we should.

Decide what your version of celebrating looks like - whether it’s happy dancing around the house; a luxurious bubble bath; or an afternoon of Netflix - whatever supports you feeling accomplished and rewarded for your hard work of up-leveling your game!

Listen to the full episode here:

I'd love you to share what are two small steps you could begin today that would start creating momentum for your big dream?

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x

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