Ep#6 :: Dani DiPirro, Positively Present :: Exploring Your Creative Path & Finding Flow in Work & Life


Welcome to Episode number 6!

Today I’m excited to be chatting with Dani DiPirro - an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC.

In 2009, she launched the website Positively Present with the intention of sharing personal experiences and insights on positivity, awareness, and self-love — things that didn’t always come easy to her!

Since the launch of the site, Positively Present has grown into a global, go-to destination for positive personal development, inspiration and resources.

In 2012, Dani left her full-time job to focus her attention on growing the brand.

Since then, she has expanded the blog into many new ventures, including books, a YouTube channel, and online courses.


In this episode we talk about Dani’s creative journey which began as passionate side-hustle and what it looks like to explore your creative path by paying attention to what lights you up; and ultimately connecting the dots that lead you to your purpose.

Dani shares the some of the practicalities of pursuing your creative passion as a full time career including the power of resilience and bouncing back from failure; as well as choosing to let go of perfectionism and instead focus on authenticity and being yourself.

Let’s get to the show!

Listen to the full episode: