Ep#3 :: Lauren Hung, The Blackline :: Following Your Joy to Create Life in Alignment With Your Purpose


Welcome to episode #3 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! Today I’m excited to be chatting with Lauren Hung, founder and creative director of The Blackline.

Lauren is a self-taught calligrapher and hand letterer from Sydney, Australia. With a background in fashion design and journalism, Lauren combined her two interests in March 2014 when she launched The Blackline by Lauren.


What began as a soul-saving side hustle scribbling motivational quotes, has now become her full time job as she executes commissioned work for international & national luxury and commercial brands as well as private clients.

Her portfolio spans the commercial sector, wedding industry and includes tattoos, walls murals, a book and essentially anything else that can be written.


In this episode I talk to Lauren about the sparks she followed that led her to creating the Blackline and why she made the very sudden decision to leave her full time job and pursue her business full time.


We talk about the importance of creating your own opportunities in your business and how these can lead to incredible (and unexpected) things.

Lauren also shares what she believes to be the most important thing you need to embark on your entrepreneurial path.

Listen to the full episode: