Ep#2 :: Dr Rebecca Ray :: Finding Happiness & Purpose & Having the Courage to Live it


Welcome to Episode #2 of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast! Today I’m super honored to be chatting with Dr Rebecca Ray.

Rebecca is a Writer, Speaker, and Clinical Psychologist. Her message centers on the task of living bravely in the truth of our experiences as finders and seekers of inspiration and connection. She is also the author Happi Habits, an e-program designed to boost well-being.

You will find Beck on Instagram sharing with her community about finding courage and living inspired, expansive lives.

Her first book, You Can Be Happy: 35 Powerful Habits for Personal Growth and Well-Being, hits the shelves in April 2018.

In this episode we dive into what the true measures of happiness are and the key areas we need to focus on to create a life of fulfillment and purpose.


We also dive into what the biggest barriers are to creating a life aligned with your purpose in the world and how we can build the resilience and courage we need to step up and create the life we desire.

I know you’re going to love the wisdom Beck shares in this episode!

Listen to the full episode:

Beck has generously gifted her Manifesto for Brave Living which you can download here.