10 Effective Opt-In Ideas to Skyrocket Your Email List


If your goal is to grow your newsletter list this year, so you can turn your passion into a profitable online business, then this post is for you.

As much as I love social media {as I’m sure you do too!} and think it’s a fun way to find your tribe, engage with your audience and hang out with like minded people, there is a limit to how far you can take the relationship with your audience.


Because social media is like a giant, overcrowded cocktail party where everyone is vying for your attention. And the kicker? I don’t believe it’s the most effective way to build relationships with your dream clients.

Here’s the thing: while you’re busy building your tribe on social media, the reality is you’re building it on someone else's domain. I liken it to building a house on someone else’s land, which is not a great long term strategy.

And let’s be real: people are not scrolling through their Instagram to be sold to - they are there to be entertained!

They are looking for light relief in their busy day; a quick pick-me-up or an inspiration hit. Sure, it’s a great way to raise awareness for your brand and let people know about what you do, but it’s not the place to be doing hard sells.

The other thing to watch out for with social media is putting all of your eggs in one marketing basket. With social media platforms changing their algorithms on the daily and who can forget the Instagram outage a while back - the reality is that relying solely on social media to market your business can end up being a costly mistake.

Which is why I recommend diversifying your marketing efforts.

Enter your email list…Unlike social media, you own this data and the right to communicate to your tribe on your terms! This is where people have expressed intent on getting to know you and learning how you can provide a specific solution for a problem they’re facing.

Getting someone on your newsletter list is like the beginning of a very beautiful relationship...

When you focus your time and energy into building your newsletter list and nurturing your people, there’s unlimited potential for you to grow a profitable business.

Before we dive in, let’s get super clear on what makes a compelling opt-in because it’s important to note that all opt-ins are NOT created equal.

Way back when I was blogging and first got interested in this whole ‘build your newsletter list’ thing, I made the massive mistake of creating an opt-in that was so generic that anyone and everyone signed up to my list, just to get the freebie!

While I was able to build my list super fast, the problem was that none of these people had the slightest bit of interest in working with me or buying any of my products.

Later down the track, after I’d realized my mistake, I ended up ditching the majority of the list and decided to start from scratch.

I learned this lesson the hard way, so I want you to avoid making the same mistake!

In a nutshell, if your goal is to ultimately start promoting your products or services to your list - avoid creating any kind of generic opt-in that {may be fun or beautifully designed}, and doesn’t leave your audience with a taste of how you can help them solve the problem they’re facing.

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What makes a create a compelling opt-in?

  1. It speaks directly to your dream clients and solves a specific problem they have. Start doing some research on what pain points your dream clients are facing and may be looking for a solution to their problem. Your goal is to create a lead magnet that addresses a specific concern they have and is created and written in a way that when they see it, they’ll sign up without hesitation.

  2. Ensuring it's a precursor to your paid product / service. This is a super important consideration when planning your lead magnet and skipping over this risks reaching your revenue goals. I suggest working backwards:

    • Map out all of your paid product and service offerings; and then:

    • Consider what an effective lead-in to these products may be i.e what is going to whet your dream client's appetite and get them excited about working with you on a deeper level?

  3. Positions you as an expert in your niche. This is a no brainer, but yes you should be able to clearly demonstrate your knowledge, firmly positioning you as a subject matter expert in your chosen niche.

The ideas for creating lead magnets are endless. This is an opportunity for you to get creative and start really getting into the hearts and minds of your dream clients and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.


10 ideas for your next Opt-in:

  1. Worksheet / Workbook. These are easy to create and help your audience dive deeper into one of your core teaching areas, getting them to reflect on where they’re at and identify where their gaps are. The trick is designing one that leaves your audience wanting more, as well as showcasing how you can help them achieve the transformation they’re looking for.

  2. Checklists. These are quick and easy to create, and also add value to your dream clients by helping them identify gaps and providing them with a roadmap and clear path forward as to what their next steps needs to be. Examples include: Shopping lists for recipes; preparation lists eg.10 things to do before hiring a VA; Website launch checklist - check off these items before launching your first website.

  3. Email / Social Media Challenges. Challenges are a fun way to motivate and drive engagement with your audience, getting them to take action. They can help drive interest in your paid products - like an eCourse, as this provides them with a taste of what it’s like to work with you and the value you can offer. A good length for a challenge is 5-7 days - you don’t want it to be too long as people lose interest really quickly. The goal is to keep it short, packed with value and then at the end of the challenge leave them feeling so excited about what’s to come with your paid program, they can’t wait to sign up.

  4. Video Webinar / Masterclass. If teaching is your jam, then providing a free webinar or masterclass in your area of expertise is a brilliant way to showcase your skills and let your audience get to know you, helping to build your know, like and trust factor - which is mandatory when it comes to building a profitable online business. To get ideas for what topics to base your masterclass on you can survey your audience and ask them what they’d be most excited to learn about or alternatively, look at your Google Analytics to identify your top blog posts and turn them into class for you to teach.

  5. Audio training. Similar to the video webinar, if teaching is your jam and you prefer audio over video, then creating an audio training is a perfect option for you to add value to your people.

  6. Sample chapter of your eBook / paid product. This is probably the easiest lead magnet for you to create and offer your audience, but it does rely on having an existing eBook or Course. It’s also the perfect way to test drive interest in your paid product; providing you an opportunity to track your conversion rate and measure its effectiveness.

  7. Cheat sheet. Any kind of shortcut you can provide your audience that will save them time and create efficiencies in their business is a win/win.

  8. Resource list. Giving away insider secrets that would take people a long time to figure out provides significant value as it saves your audience time and gives them peace of mind they have a trusted recommendation.

  9. Video Tutorial. As with the webinar and masterclasses, video tutorials demonstrating a how-to is a great way to build meaningful connections with your audience.

  10. Access to Resource Library. I left this one till last because it’s effectively a dedicated section on your website where you can house numerous resources {that may make up a combination of items on this list}. Over time, you’ll have likely built up a library of these lead magnets and it makes sense for you to create one portal on your website to centrally house all of these resources. To make it exclusive, you can password protect the page on your website so only the people who sign up to your email list gain access.

So tell me, what has been your most successful opt-in that worked with your audience? What else would you add to this list?

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