Hi beauty, I’m Rachel! I’m on a mission to show it’s entirely possible to build a wildly successful business, doing what you love..

Are you ready to live brave and bloom?


It’s time for you to own your magic.

I know you’re capable of creating incredible things in this world, but somewhere along the way, you got caught up in the downward spiral of self-doubt; second guessing yourself and believing other people’s stories about you, which has stopped you from building a life and business you’re completely obsessed with!

Through my writing; 1:1 coaching and teachings, my goal is empowering you to align with your biggest strengths and deepest desires, equipping you with the tools to transform self-doubt into self-love and activate your self-belief, so you can create a life and business that is a glowing reflection of YOU.

I believe when we honor our need for self-care, align with our strengths and choose courage over our fears, we’re empowered to show up as the most radiant and confident version of ourselves.

And this beauty, is where the magic happens.

From this place, you’ll unleash your creativity; tap into your strengths and attract dream clients who are excited to work with you - experiencing the thrill of your business soaring to the next level.

The good news is, you already have what it takes inside you. So take a deep breathe and get ready to live brave and start owning your awesome-self.

Are you ready to start confidently showing up online and sharing your message with the world?

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Meet Rachel…

I grew up being told I was ‘too sensitive’ and that I needed to develop a ‘thicker skin’. I had zero clue how to handle the million and one emotions I felt on a daily basis; so for much of my life, my coping mechanism was to tune out and ignore what was going really on.

This resulted in an over-anxious mind; years of self-doubt; not understanding my unique gifts and placing far too much weight on other people’s opinions and ideas about what I “should” be doing with my life and what it "should" look like.

The moment I discovered I was an introvert was like waking up for the first time. Everything suddenly made so much sense and it was then I knew - there was nothing wrong with me at all!

It wasn’t until my 30’s that I figured out I don’t fit into a nicely packaged box of someone else’s design, and so began the journey of falling back in love with myself and building a business and life I’m obsessed with.

The catalyst for beginning this journey was the decision to start a blog back in 2009 {take a peek here!}.

As a true introvert, I adore writing and creating, so blogging was the perfect outlet to explore my creative passions. It was through my blog I had the opportunity to transition my career from working in the corporate world to being a full time solopreneur.

These days, I’m so grateful to be able to work from my beautiful home office; create my own schedule; and best of all, do work I love using my introvert superpowers to help amazing women {like you!} unlock your potential, so you can create a wildly successful business, doing what you love.

Come and hang out with me on the blog where I share what I’ve learned on my journey, along with the tools for you to live brave and bloom!

In addition to a degree in Business and Psychology, over the past few years, I’ve taken formal training in Health Coaching at IIN; Life Coaching at BYCA, and I’m a Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher (Yoga Garden San Francisco); all of which blend together to create teachings with a modern spiritual approach; balanced with practical tools, strategies and a good dose of wisdom.

When I’m not blogging you’ll most likely find me listening to 80’s music; sipping on dirty chai lattes and going for long hikes with my hubby and French Bulldog, Oscar.

You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest; come and say hi!

Welcome; I’m so honored and grateful you’re here.