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I’m Rachel Gadiel - holistic wellness devotee; self-care advocate; personal growth blogger, and host of the Dreams for Breakfast podcast. This is your go-to guide for pursuing your purpose and living your happy.

Here you’ll find the tools and resources to live your truth and love yourself first, so you can create a balanced and beautiful life, from the inside, out!

This space was born out of the idea that life can be anything you want it to be - you just have to have the courage, motivation and determination to create it.

Pursuing your purpose and and creating an expansive, freedom-filled life is a thrilling and exciting time.


But it’s also one where you quickly realize that having an idea and a dream will not get you there alone. Spoiler alert: it won’t.

Passion is what gets you started, but it’s perseverance, patience and persistence that will keep you going.

I believe when your mindset is aligned with the future vision for your life you can be, do and have anything you desire.

I also believe that falling in love with taking care of yourself: mind, body and spirit, is the essential foundation for creating the abundant life of your dreams!

Here you’ll find inspiration and ideas with a practical spin covering everything from nourishing your mind, body and soul from the inside, out; cultivating a success mindset and creating healthy habits; along with blogging and biz tips for ambitious women on a mission.

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Welcome; I’m so thrilled you’re here!



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How it all began…

Back in 2009, I was working in my dream marketing job and stumbled on the world of blogging. On a whim, I decided to launch a blog, which ended up turning into a full blown passion.

Blogging and building an online brand provided me the opportunity to explore my passion for writing and sparked my obsession with health, wellness and all things personal growth.

Along the way I studied with IIN to become a Certified Health Coach; trained to be a Life Coach with BYCA and completed my 200 RYT yoga teacher training at Yoga Garden, San Francisco.


In 2015, I started teaching at General Assembly and discovered my passion for empowering others to pursue their purpose.

Since then, I’ve mentored hundreds of people, helping them build and grow their online brands.

Alongside this blog, I’m a freelance wellness writer; digital marketing consultant and teacher at General Assembly.

Nothing lights me up more than empowering others to pursue the path that brings them joy and start living in alignment with their truth.


Thank you so much for being here!


In case you were wondering…

+ I’m an introvert (INFJ) to be precise.

+ I’m fur mama to a cheeky Frenchie called Oscar.

+ My idea of heaven is curling up with a good book while diffusing essential oils.

+ I have a sweet spot for pretty stationery and will never say not to raw desserts.

+ I’ve hosted workshops with Apple and was named by Mashable as one of their top 20 Pinterest accounts.