How to maintain healthy habits when travelling


When you’re travelling, the constant moving around and being in transit makes maintaining healthy habits a challenge.

I would like to be able to say that while I was travelling I ate clean all the time; took yoga classes and kept up my running – but the truth is it didn’t play out quite like that….

We ate out every night, trying new places and checking out all the different neighbourhoods. Cocktails were always the precursor to dinner; desserts were hard to resist and the burgers, tacos and burritos were just so good I couldn’t say no.

I did however integrate these simple tips which meant I didn’t throw my healthy habits completely out the window –

#1. Plan in advance.

It pays to plan ahead when you’re travelling and trying to be healthy.

+ Take snacks and your own prepared meals with you on the plane so you don’t fill up on the junk they offer you on the flight.

+ When you find yourself near places where you can stock up on healthy items – buy in advance and use zip lock bags to store food.

+ On day trips plan to take your own snacks so you’re not tempted to grab something on the go.

+ Plan to stay in places where there is a kitchenette so you can store your food and prepare simple meals – we loved staying in Airbnb places over hotels for this very reason!

+ Make sure that where you’re staying is in walking distance to somewhere you can buy fresh food.

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I wore a mix of these Joie flats + Cons all everyday which were perfect for exploring.

#2. Keep active.

Sticking to an exercise routine is not going to be realistic but it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice moving your body completely –

+ Walk everywhere – pack your sneakers or comfortable shoes so you can get a work out while exploring new places.

+ Do squats – 90 seconds of squats in the morning will get your blood moving and is something you can easily do in your hotel or apartment.

+ Do a quick yoga workout. This one by Tara Stiles is a favourite – it only goes for 7 minutes but is super effective and will leave you feeling energised and refreshed.

#3. Keep hydrated + drink water.

It’s easy to forget to drink water, especially if you’re consuming more alcohol than normal, so always carry a water bottle and try to limit caffeinated drinks as they will dehydrate you.

#4. Watch portion sizes.

When you’re eating out the portions in restaurants are generally a lot larger than a normal serving size so it pays to be conscious of this and only eat what you need to.

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Visiting the Farmers Market in San Francisco was an opportunity to load up on fresh food!

#5.  Load up on salads + vegetables.

It’s safe to say that not everywhere you go is going to have salads and vegetables available, but when you do find yourself in these places, take advantage of it and load up your plate, making up for it however you can.

I’d love to hear any other tips you have on being healthy while travelling – please share!

Rachel xo

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  • Sarah Ayoub

    Love these tips! I’m a big fan of the ‘walk everywhere’ tip. When Husband and I were in NYC three years ago, we walked everywhere. We only ever caught one cab in the 8 days we were there, and that was in Winter. Ditto for trains and buses. Walking has the double bonus of showing you places and highlights you might otherwise miss.

    Otherwise, like you, we try to shop for snacks at supermarkets and stock up on things we can store in zip lock bags. I always find eating somewhere with salad the hardest! The funny thing is, I end up drinking more water on holidays than I do while at home.

    A great post Rachel. Have also bookmarked the Yoga video too (I don’t do Yoga, but 7 minutes is a good place to start).

  • Sonia from Sonia Styling

    Brilliant tips, Rachel. When we were on our honeymoon last year, we did all of this and it really did make a big difference. I think I put on all of 1kg (not bad for 4 weeks of eating and drinking our way through Europe) and most importantly, I felt healthy even though I was also indulging!