This is Nourish!


Lovelies, welcome to Nourish!

This little blog revamp is something I’ve had on my mind and been planning for a while now + today I’m super excited to be sharing the new look with you.

To give you a bit of background into the re-vamp, Nourish literally means to ‘encourage, foster and support’, and was born out of the idea that life can be anything you want it to be – you just need the courage, motivation + determination to create it.

It was created for my fellow dreamers and the creative-at-heart as toolbox of sorts, for not only building a life you love, but also as a space to inspire creativity, fuel growth and spark change.

Why the name change?

Well, in a nutshell I’ve evolved personally + professionally so much since I started this blog in August last year and felt the need to shift my online home to reflect this. The past 6 months have been a bit of a ride to be honest – from officially becoming a Holistic Health Coach, quitting my job; starting my freelance biz; falling in love; and creating My Nourish Box – it’s crazy to think this has all happened in such a short space of time!

What’s new around here?

+ So you can always find the latest, the you’ll see the main rotating carousel at the top displays the 5 most recent blog posts.
+ I’ve cleaned up the all of the blog content so now you can easily find everything via the category navigation at the top.
+ The sidebar has been tidied up to make this easier to navigate.
+ The About page has been given a re-vamp – hop on over and take a look!
+ You’ll notice the new ‘blogging’ category – yep, this is something I’ll be talking a lot more about. After 4 years of blogging it’s no surprise this is something I’m hugely passionate about so I want to not only share my tips, insights and go-to resources with you + I want to give you a peek behind the scenes at some of my fave blogging peeps to find out how they do it – stay tuned!

I’d like to give a massive shout out to the superstars behind making Nourish looking so awesome –

First, the lovely Jolie from Brim Papery is responsible for creating the exquisite hand-drawn Nourish logo, which I’m in love with!

And the blog design; well that’s thanks to the amazing work of Shanice Cameron + her Pretty Blog Themes. I adapted one of her gorgeous WordPress designs and made a few customisations to create the look I wanted for the site.

It was a pleasure to work with both of these ladies so if you’re in the market for design work I would highly recommend them.

I hope you love the new look as much as I do. I’m super keen to hear from you, so leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Rachel xx


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  • Tegan

    Oh Rach I love it! Everything you create always has such a beautiful feel. Looking forward to everything you have in store xx

    • Rachel // One Beautiful Life

      Thank you beautiful lady for your kind words! Your support means so much + I’m thrilled you love the look :-) xx

  • Sarah Ayoub

    Wow Rachel, you have had a big year and I am very excited to see what unfolds next over here at Nourish. Love and light to you xxx

    • Rachel // One Beautiful Life

      Thank you lovely! Exciting things are happening that’s for sure ;-) Going to be a big year for both of us, right? I think 2014 is officially going down as one to remember! xx

  • cloverdew

    Love the name change. Simply perfect! Very excited to see where you go from here.

  • Maxabella

    Love. x