New Year, new direction :: 4 steps to make 2014 your best year yet


Are you ready to make your 2014 sparkle?  Will this be the year you are willing to say ‘yes’ and step up into the  life that you’ve been dreaming about for so long?

I sure am. I’ve got big plans for 2014 {more on that to come!}.

Now is the perfect time to reassess where you are and decide what you want to achieve to make 2014 your best year yet.

Don’t waste energy making resolutions that have no real depth behind them and are frankly, hard to keep.

Instead, focus on these 4 steps…

#1. Know thyself.

Get honest with what you really want; what is important to you? What will make you really happy, joyous and free? Release any expectations that are placed on you by other people.

As the very wise Danielle La Porte says, don’t chase the goal, chase the feeling. What makes you feel alive?

When you know your authentic self and are being true to you – both your personal and professional life will fall in place.

#2. Declare your intentions.

Intentions are the things that you plan to do or achieve and simply put, are an aim or purpose.

Creating meaningful intentions that are aligned with your authentic self will give you greater control over your life and provide you the direction you need with which to steer your energy.

Write down your intentions, say them out loud and repeat them over and over again. Declaring your intentions sends a clear call to the universe on what you’re setting out to do, and by doing so the specific energy is formed.

#3. Step out of your comfort zone.

In his book, The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks talks about the ‘Upper Limit” problem – the glass ceiling or barrier we’re sub-consciously operating under – which holds us back from achieving our true potential.

Embracing the opportunity to grow relies on first identifying your upper limit and transcending it – which inevitably means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Be willing to do the thing that scares you most.

#4. Take Action.

Taking action is what will keep the flow of energy moving in the direction of your intentions. Without taking the necessary steps to create what you set out to achieve will cause you anxiety and a build up of fear that will usually lead to procrastination. Choose to interrupt this cycle with action.

Progress in life is always measured by the fact that you’ve taken new action.  If there’s no new action, you haven’t truly made any progress.

Here’s to the amazing adventures ahead in 2014!
Rachel xx

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  • Keiz

    All of these are key but #3 and #4 really speak to me. I think I spent most of 2013 doing #1 and #2. These are great steps!